Open Positions

Research Data Analyst

We are looking to hire a Research Data Analyst to work with us to develop datasets that inform us and our stakeholders about key trends in machine learning. This role will directly impact the quality and quantity of the research Epoch is capable of, and we’re excited to work with someone who can help us continue to improve and uncover important insights into AI progress.

Team Lead

We are looking for an experienced researcher to help us prioritize what research questions to work on and manage a team of investigators. You’ll be thinking broadly about our high-level mission, as well as concrete research questions about AI. Your team will consist of between 3-4 researchers, to whom you will provide weekly direction and support.

Staff Researcher

As a Staff Researcher, you’ll be working with our team to answer key questions about the current and future AI landscape. Strong candidates will have a track record of analyzing data trends, forecasting, economics, or AI.

Senior Researcher

Senior researchers split their responsibilities between conducting research and managing a small team of 1-2 people. We want to create groups working on related articles and building on top of each other's work.

We accept expressions of interest year round; see here for more information.