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Epoch AI is a research institute investigating key trends and questions that will shape the trajectory and governance of AI


“Epoch's rigorous analysis of trends in AI and machine learning provides essential insights for understanding a fast-moving field. Epoch's analysis is a helpful guide for policymakers to better understand how the landscape of AI is shifting beneath our feet, empowering policymakers to make fact-informed decisions.”

Paul Scharre Executive Vice President and Director of Studies
Center for a New American Security

“Epoch is one of the coolest (and in my opinion underrated) research orgs for understanding trends in ML. Rather than speculating, they meticulously analyze empirical trends and make projections for the future. Lots of interesting findings in their data!”

Jacob Steinhardt Assistant Professor of Statistics
University of California, Berkeley

“How AI should be governed depends hugely on empirical factors: what is needed to train frontier AI systems, in terms of costs, model size, and so on? How should we expect that to change? Epoch has in a short time produced some of the most useful work out there on these questions. I expect their research to continue informing my views and my work in years to come.”

Markus Anderljung Head of Policy
Centre for the Governance of AI

“Epoch does the most thoughtful and best-researched survey work in the industry. Several times I have thought I found errors in their results, only to discover when going through their notebooks that they had it right. They are my go-to resource for field-wide trends.”

Nat Friedman Former CEO of GitHub

“I feel like I wouldn't have nearly as good an understanding of the important trends in AI and their future implications without Epoch.”

Dwarkesh Patel Podcast Host
Dwarkesh Podcast
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