About us

Our Team

Jaime Sevilla

Jaime is a researcher focused on statistics and technological forecasting. Besides his role at Epoch, he is a research affiliate of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University and the cofounder of Riesgos Catastróficos Globales.

Keith Wynroe
Research Manager

Before working at Epoch, Keith worked in quantitative finance and then as a Research Analyst at Forethought Foundation. He has a BA in Philosophy from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Pablo Villalobos
Staff Researcher

Pablo has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. After spending some time as a software engineer, he decided to pivot towards AI. His interests include the economic consequences of advanced AI systems and the role of algorithmic improvements in AI progress.

Anson Ho
Staff Researcher

Anson is a researcher and writer for Epoch. His research interests are in interpretability, theoretical AI alignment, and ensuring safe AI development through governance and strategy. Prior to this, he completed his BSc in physics at the University of St Andrews.

Matthew Barnett
Staff Researcher

Matthew received a degree in computer science from UC Berkeley. He’s currently interested in getting a clearer picture of how AI will impact the world in the next few decades.

David Atkinson
Staff Researcher

David studied at Deep Springs college, and graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Before coming to Epoch, he did some NLP research and then worked as a software engineer. He’s interested in model interpretability and forecasting.

Ben Cottier
Staff Researcher

Ben’s research interests include the diffusion of AI capabilities among actors, and measuring the effects of different inputs to AI progress. Previously, he was a Research Fellow at Rethink Priorities, and spent time as a software engineer. Ben has a background in Machine Learning.

Ege Erdil
Staff Researcher

Ege is an undergraduate student at Middle East Technical University. He has interests in mathematics, statistics, economics and forecasting.

Eduardo Infante Roldán
Software Engineer

Eduardo does some programming.

Lennart Heim
Strategy Specialist

Lennart supports Epoch’s research and strategy. He extracts the strategy and policy implications of Epoch’s investigation for the AI governance community.
In his primary role, Lennart is a researcher at the Centre for the Governance of AI in Oxford, focusing on Compute Governance. His research interests include the role of compute in the production of AI, the compute supply chain, forecasting emerging technologies, and the security of AI systems. His time is split into the strategic and technical analysis of the compute governance domain and active policy engagement with GovAI’s policy team.

Marius Hobbhahn
Research Fellow

Marius builds models for AI timelines and takeoff using historical trends and his best understanding of the future.

Advisory Board

Daniela Amodei

Leadership Advisor

Daniela Amodei is Co-Founder and President of Anthropic. She was previously at Stripe and OpenAI, and has also served as a congressional staffer.

Tom Davidson

Research Advisor

Tom is a senior research analyst at Open Philanthropy. He’s currently working on assessing arguments that transformative AI might be developed relatively soon. Prior to joining Open Philanthropy, Tom worked as a Data Scientist for education technology startup BridgeU and taught science at a UK comprehensive school. He has a Masters in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford.

Neil Thompson

Research Advisor

Neil is an Innovation Scholar at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Initiative on the Digital Economy where he leads the FutureTech Project. He is also an Associate Member of the Broad Institute.