We’re a team of scientists investigating the future of AI

Our Team

Meet the people that drive Epoch AI’s research

Team Members
Advisory Board
Jaime Sevilla
Tamay Besiroglu
Associate Director
María de la Lama
Head of Operations
David Owen
Senior Researcher
Ege Erdil
Senior Researcher
Pablo Villalobos
Staff Researcher
Anson Ho
Staff Researcher
Matthew Barnett
Staff Researcher
Ben Cottier
Staff Researcher
Jean-Stanislas Denain
Staff Researcher
Alexander Erben
Staff Researcher
Robi Rahman
Data Scientist
Josh You
Data Analyst
Robert Sandler
Product Designer
Edu Roldán
Software Engineer
Lennart Heim
Strategy Specialist
Our Values

Our commitments

Our staff is committed to upholding these values to pursue together our mission of understanding the future of AI.

Focus on the most pressing questions

We want our research to be useful for policymakers, scientists and institutions working to ensure positive outcomes for AI.

Scientific excellence and integrity

We want our research to be grounded in scientific discourse and to update it as needed based on evidence and critique.

Communication and accessibility

We want to communicate our findings clearly, developing interactive visualizations and other tools as needed to facilitate the understanding of our work.

Personal development and growth

We want our staff to thrive and succeed beyond the goals of our organization.

Camaraderie and support

We want to be a caring team that looks out for each other, is friendly and respectful, and values having a healthy work-life balance.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

We are building an inclusive environment that embraces individuals from every background. We strive to broaden our team's perspectives and experiences, and commit to seek out and hire new members with diverse backgrounds.

Working at Epoch AI

Together we chart the path of advanced AI and inform decision-makers

Careers at Epoch AI

Join us in understanding the path of AI

We're always looking for dedicated people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on and contribute to our research.