Data on AI

Epoch AI collects key data on machine learning models from 1950 to the present to analyze historical and contemporary progress in AI. Our databases are a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders to foster responsible AI development and deployment.

Use our work

Epoch AI’s data is free to use, distribute, and reproduce provided the source and authors are credited under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Citations can be found on the respective pages for each database.

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Notable AI Models

CSV, Updated July 23, 2024

Large-Scale AI Models

CSV, Updated July 23, 2024

Our methodology

We identify and track contemporary and historic advances in AI, collating key details across several areas. This research includes who developed models, when, and for what tasks, how much compute was used for training, how many parameters models have, how much data was used for training, what hardware was used for training, and more.

Our research

Epoch AI is a multidisciplinary research institute investigating the trajectory and impact of artificial intelligence.

We publish datasets, data visualizations, research reports, and predictive models to analyze the forces shaping AI development. Our goal is to foster scientific dialogue and bring empirical rigor to predictions about the future of AI.

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